About this website and blog


At Philip Morris International, we invest considerable time, effort and resource to maintain the integrity of our supply chain. It is within our best interests, and those of our shareholders and customers, to safeguard the legitimate supply and purchase of our goods.

Illegal trade in tobacco products is bad for society. It fuels organized crime, and has been linked to the funding of terrorist activities. It is a serious threat to national security that must be recognized and tackled head on. Cracking down on the black market in tobacco trade is a global issue, and requires a global solution. Philip Morris International is taking a leading role in this fight.  

Despite significant progress through our work, and through collaboration with others, illicit trade in tobacco products remains a serious problem.

Raising awareness of the problem and sharing information on the solutions is an important step forward.

That is why STOP: ILLEGAL is no ordinary website and blog. It is part of the concerted push to eliminate contraband, counterfeit and illicit trade of tobacco products for good.